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North America 06 Sept 2010 - OBA Meet – NJ
What a Meet it was!!!!

Thursday, 9 September, 2010 1:50 PM

YOU AJEETS!!! THANK YOU to everyone for making the OBA meet in NJ truly a memorable one. This meet further cemented the truthTHANK  that the spirit of "Ajeet Hain, Abheet Hain" never fades from the hearts of every Ajeet. This meeting also personified the will power of ajeets who cut across all barriers and crossed all hurdles to make it to this event to re-invigorate that school bond, meet and share their experiences, build camaraderie and stamp with authority that Ajeets’ events come ahead of everything else.
We had a decent turn out of Ajeets for the event that ranged from Roll No:250 Dinesh Malhotra to Siddangouda Khot. It would have been great had many other Ajeets joined us. Nevertheless, I am hoping that the efforts of the below Ajeets will inspire many of us not to miss the next one. In all we had about 25 Ajeets along with their family who attended the meet. Representation ranged from Boston to California.
Dayanand Allapur: Cut short his trip to Peru, flew overnight along with his wife to attend the event in NJ. And Yes!, what a talk he gave. Kudos to you sir!
San Asuti: Flight delays, mechanical problems, flying cross country, none of these deterred our very own entrepreneur who shared his wisdom with the acronym LED that I think is very apt and key to being successful.
Prakash Motagi: Wake up at 4AM and started driving with wife and two kids after an event that ended past midnight the previous day. Talk about commitment and energy to pull the family to a meet like this. To top it all, his talk is already generating requests for him to continue the series and share with Ajeets community.
Siddanagouda Khot: Flew from California with his better half, carried awesome school T-shirts and school-Ties to the event just for this OBA meet.
Raj Sulegavi: Flight and train from Ohio to be with us all and uphold the spirit of Ajeets
M S Sanjay : Speeding tickets were ignored when the sole aim was to attend the OBA meet driving all the way from Niagara to NJ. Way to go M.S
Dr Faroqui : Thank you for taking care of Mrs Bhatt and driving her to and from from her home. Yes! Dr Faroqui along with the chief guest were the first to the venue at 8:30AM sharp. Talk about being on time.
Thank you to Mrs Bhatt for the nostalgic speech and for the sheer energy she showed to attend the event and talk to every Ajeet that attended the meet. We were blessed to have her for the meet.
Hip hip hooray to these Ajeets who attended this event despite many odds stacked against them.
It was very nostalgic to see many Ajeets after a very long time. The video messages from the Principal, Headmaster, Staff and students from the school were very touching. The other school videos truly took us back in time and the discussion about school then and now was priceless. Thanks to VijayKumar sir -English teacher who helped us get these done from school.
The newly procured mementos, school ties, school caps, and school T-shirts were awesome and everyone loved and took them along as prized souvenirs.

We started with school song, enjoyed the QUIZ show (Thank you Usman and the tie-breaker question), and some humor in the end by Jagadev Galagali.
We also formed the initial core committee to lead the way for the next OBA meet and run the North America chapter for the next 2 years. This is only the initial committee and these folks will reach out to other Ajeets and have representatives from other regions as well and expand the team.
Ajay Mundlur will lead the team with support from Ravindra Basapuri, Basavaraj Kollur, M S Sanjay, Siddanagouda Khot and new members to be added. CONGRATS!!! Ajay and team.
Last but not the least, I must thank everyone who supported directly or indirectly to make this event a success. I would not like to list out the names for I may miss one and not do justice to everyone’s efforts. You all know who you are. Thanks to your family as well who supported you in making this event a memorable one and the results of your hard work was there for everyone to see with impeccable arrangements and conduct of the meet. Thank you core committee. All the Tue night conf calls paid off and I am so glad to have worked with all of you. The credit goes to your leadership, ideas and finally execution.
The photos of the same are uploaded to picassa at
PS: We will share with the group the financial details as soon as we complete and consolidate the accounting. Please standby.
Thanks and Regards
/Raj Galagali 1448 VIJ
"Raj Galagali"
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Minutes of the Conference

SSBJ-OBA of North America

Minutes of the Conference Call – Meeting Held on Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 2.00 PM Central Time. A meeting was held on Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 2:00 PM CST via a Conference Call to discuss the proposed SSBJ-OBA Meet in Chicago in 2008. Following Ajeets attended the meeting:

1. Raj Galagali, R. No. 1448, Washington DC
2. Ajay Mundlur, R. No. 2272, North Carolina
3. Vijay Kumar S. Patil, R. No. 519, Bloomington, Illinois
4. Channu Kambalyal, R. No. 562, Chicago, Illinois
5. Srikanth, California
6. Subhash Ronad, R. No. 1634, Florida
7. Kiran Kumar, R. No. 2407, Connecticut
8. Mallikarjun Patil, R. No. 2343, Georgia
9. Raj Suligavi, R. No. 801, Illinois (called later)
10. Madan Kulkarni, Chicago, Illinois (called later)

This is the second meeting, as a follow-up on the one we had in September 2007. The activities carried out by Ajeets during the past few months and the next steps to organize the OBA meet in Chicago were discussed.
1. Raj Galagali had been to OBA meet in Davanagere and also visited school. He gave a brief description of SSBJ events - About 400 Ajeets participated in the OBA; Mr. G .D. Kale, on behalf of SSBJ-OBA of North America, announced that SSBJ-OBA would be held in Chicago; Principal, SSBJ mentioned about the requirement of ambulance and scholarships to needy students. Raj also mentioned few donations provided by Ajeets to staff members on their achievements and about 10 laptops donated by an Ajeet to the school. Raj visited SSBJ and has brought a large school flag for use in the OBA meets in US.
2. Ajay Mundlur talked about the phone calls he made to about 40 Ajeets. He found that many Ajeets expressed keen interest in the OBA event. He will also be following up with the web-master of to get space on that site for SSBJ-OBA-NA.
3. Channu narrated few developments of WKK and that Capt. Gopinath has been invited by AKKA-WKK- 2008 to be part of the Business Forum.
4. Many Ajeets preferred to have OBA meet on Sunday or Monday (August 31st or September 1st). As WKK would have many entertainment programs on Sunday evening and as many people may prefer to return back Monday night, it was felt that we could have the OBA meet in the afternoon. Channu mentioned that once we know the final program of WKK, we could decide on the day and the timing during next meeting.5. Regarding location – Channu mentioned about the keen interest shown by Madan Kulkarni to host OBA meet at his newly built convention center. Raj enquired about the possibility of having OBA meet in Rosemont Convention center. It was suggested to enquire with WKK if rooms would be made available in Rosemont center. It was agreed that the location can be finalized during the next meeting.
6. A tentative program was also discussed. Every one seemed to be OK with program details.
7. It was agreed that the registration committee members – Raj, Ajay and Vijay Patil along with Satish Mulekar would try to contact all Ajeets in US, informing about the OBA event, to find the suitability of the dates to travel to Chicago.
8. Every one agreed with a nominal rate of $70 per adult for the event that would include lunch or dinner and the actual invitation letter could be sent after the next meeting.
9. Everyone agreed to meet again in about 3 weeks’ time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Office Bearers

Saturday, 6 September, 2008 1:05 AM

Dear Ajeets,

I would like to thank you all for your active participation in the First International SSBJ OBA Meet at Chicago on Monday, September 1, 2008. We had a good strength of about 30 Ajeets.

Special thanks to our beloved teacher Mr. G. D. Kale for being amongst us and addressing all the Ajeets, Ajeetas and Abheets. His inspirational words have been captured in our minds as well as in videos. These have been uploaded and the links are given below.

Special thanks to my energetic classmate - Madan Kulkarni who generously offered to host the event at his Meadows Club in Rolling Meadows. The location of the event made it a grand one.

Congratulations to the new elected office-bearers of SSBJ OBA of North America -

* Arun Patil - President
* Raj Galagali - Vice President
* Siddanagowda Khot - Secretary
* Iresh Angadi - US East Coast - Leader
* Raj Suligavi - US Central - Leader
* Sanganna Asuti/S.Khot - US West Coast - Leader
Best Wishes,
Channu Kambalyal
[562, H/W/C, 1970-77]
Chicago, USA

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Draft Bye-Laws

Draft Bye-Laws For
SSBJ-OBA of North America
(A Non-Profit Organization) 
1.     The purpose of formation of Sainik School Bijapur – Old Boys’ Association of North America (SSBJ-OBA of NA) is to bring together the former students (called Ajeets), teachers and employees of Sainik School Bijapur, Karnataka, India for mutual benefit as well to help financially and morally the alma-mater . 
2.     This association shall be a non-profit, charitable trust organization and will contain clauses that enable this organization to be non-profit, charitable trust organization so that the contributions are tax-deductible.
3.     Every Student (present and former student who is identified by a roll-number), Teacher (present and former) and Employee (present and former) of the school is considered to be the members of the organization.
4.     There shall be no membership fee. However members may contribute to the activities of the association and to overcome basic financial needs such as annual tax filings, registration fees and postage charges. 
5.     The association shall be governed by six (6) board members. The six members may elect three (3) main office bearers. The office bearers shall be called a President, Vice-President and Secretary.
6.     The term of the six (6) board members shall be for two (2) years.
7.     It will be the responsibility of the office-bearers and board members to invite the Ajeets and the Teachers to encourage becoming board members for next term, six (6) months before their term expires.
8.     If there are more than six (6) nominations, the office-bearers may appoint three (3) volunteers to conduct an election. 
9.     The  association may contribute to Sainik School Bijapur, Karnataka, India in the form of scholarships, prizes, trophies, financial incentives to encourage  excellence  in  all round  performance  of  the  students and to students from economically  weaker  sections
10. The association may also contribute to Ajeet Trust, Belgaum, India (a non-profit – charitable trust formed with similar objectives)
11. Any donor may suggest how his contribution may be utilized subject to the bye-laws contained here-in.
12. The association shall work for the welfare of its members in matters such as such as employment, education and medical aid.
13. The association may provide to the school,  material contributions such as:
a.      Teaching aids
b.     Communication equipments
c.     Subscription of various books and magazines for the school library
d.     Donate Computers and computing aids
e.      Contribute towards setting up a 'SSB training Centre'
14. The board members shall meet once every four (4) months to discuss the activities and performance of the school and the needs of its members to discuss how the association may help its members and the school. 
15. The board members may play  an advisory  role  in  enhancement  of  the  quality  of  education  imparted.
16. The members may volunteer to offer their consultancy  and  assist  concerned  authorities  such  as  Local Board of Administration,  towards  improvement  of  the  school.
17. The association may consider incentives for superlative performance by any member of the school staff on an annual basis.
18. The association shall not  be  involved  in  the  day  to  day  functioning  and  the  finances  of  the  school.
19. The central body consisting of board members shall carry-out annual fund drive from its members.
20. The association may use, with the permission of the organizers, the Annual OBA Meet as a plat form to invite its members to contribute and to report on its activities.
21. The association must inform every contributor by mail with a financial and activities report every year.
22. The association (board members) may NOT use the funds collected for any type of travel to school or other travel expenses such as taxi, auto, meals etc. All activities are considered purely voluntary.
23.  The funds collected may be kept in a Bank in US that has close proximity to the office-bearers.
24. The bank account may be a Savings account and/or Fixed Interest Bearing Accounts.
25. The association may NOT invest in type of trading such as Stock Market, Mutual Funds, etc.
26. The association shall be a well wisher, encourager, facilitator and do-gooder for the Alma Mater besides being a fruitful platform to contribute to the welfare of the school and its members.