Sunday, September 27, 2009

Minutes of the Conference

SSBJ-OBA of North America

Minutes of the Conference Call – Meeting Held on Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 2.00 PM Central Time. A meeting was held on Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 2:00 PM CST via a Conference Call to discuss the proposed SSBJ-OBA Meet in Chicago in 2008. Following Ajeets attended the meeting:

1. Raj Galagali, R. No. 1448, Washington DC
2. Ajay Mundlur, R. No. 2272, North Carolina
3. Vijay Kumar S. Patil, R. No. 519, Bloomington, Illinois
4. Channu Kambalyal, R. No. 562, Chicago, Illinois
5. Srikanth, California
6. Subhash Ronad, R. No. 1634, Florida
7. Kiran Kumar, R. No. 2407, Connecticut
8. Mallikarjun Patil, R. No. 2343, Georgia
9. Raj Suligavi, R. No. 801, Illinois (called later)
10. Madan Kulkarni, Chicago, Illinois (called later)

This is the second meeting, as a follow-up on the one we had in September 2007. The activities carried out by Ajeets during the past few months and the next steps to organize the OBA meet in Chicago were discussed.
1. Raj Galagali had been to OBA meet in Davanagere and also visited school. He gave a brief description of SSBJ events - About 400 Ajeets participated in the OBA; Mr. G .D. Kale, on behalf of SSBJ-OBA of North America, announced that SSBJ-OBA would be held in Chicago; Principal, SSBJ mentioned about the requirement of ambulance and scholarships to needy students. Raj also mentioned few donations provided by Ajeets to staff members on their achievements and about 10 laptops donated by an Ajeet to the school. Raj visited SSBJ and has brought a large school flag for use in the OBA meets in US.
2. Ajay Mundlur talked about the phone calls he made to about 40 Ajeets. He found that many Ajeets expressed keen interest in the OBA event. He will also be following up with the web-master of to get space on that site for SSBJ-OBA-NA.
3. Channu narrated few developments of WKK and that Capt. Gopinath has been invited by AKKA-WKK- 2008 to be part of the Business Forum.
4. Many Ajeets preferred to have OBA meet on Sunday or Monday (August 31st or September 1st). As WKK would have many entertainment programs on Sunday evening and as many people may prefer to return back Monday night, it was felt that we could have the OBA meet in the afternoon. Channu mentioned that once we know the final program of WKK, we could decide on the day and the timing during next meeting.5. Regarding location – Channu mentioned about the keen interest shown by Madan Kulkarni to host OBA meet at his newly built convention center. Raj enquired about the possibility of having OBA meet in Rosemont Convention center. It was suggested to enquire with WKK if rooms would be made available in Rosemont center. It was agreed that the location can be finalized during the next meeting.
6. A tentative program was also discussed. Every one seemed to be OK with program details.
7. It was agreed that the registration committee members – Raj, Ajay and Vijay Patil along with Satish Mulekar would try to contact all Ajeets in US, informing about the OBA event, to find the suitability of the dates to travel to Chicago.
8. Every one agreed with a nominal rate of $70 per adult for the event that would include lunch or dinner and the actual invitation letter could be sent after the next meeting.
9. Everyone agreed to meet again in about 3 weeks’ time.